The Pure Life- Hayatun Tayyiba - Ayt. Mohamedtaqi Al-Modarresi

The Pure Life- Hayatun Tayyiba - Ayt. Mohamedtaqi Al-Modarresi


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Book Title The Pure Life- Hayatun Tayyiba - Ayt. Mohamedtaqi Al-Modarresi
Publisher Islamic Publishing House
Type Print Books
Date Published Mar 26, 2022

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As a holistic tradition that speaks to all facets of human life, Islam provides detailed instructions on how a person can strike the perfect balance between their physical, spiritual and environmental health.

Since food production and consumption is at the heart of this conversation, The Pure Life, by Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Taqi al-Modarresi is a most valuable contribution to the ever-urgent discussions surrounding sustainable food systems, personal and familial lifestyles - and the corporate powers that try to destroy those efforts.

A powerful commentary by inspirational Osteopath, Zainali Panjwani and Islamic scholar, Sheikh Jaffer Ladak, seamlessly merges the Islamic literature and modern scientific evidence-based research to expand the reader’s view of nutrition and health. This is a must-have book, especially for parents and health-conscious youth.

“A masterful and compelling argument for a return to a dietary lifestyle reflective of Quranic values and prophetic precedence.”
- Sheikh Azhar Nasser, Tasneem Institute

“There are aspects of our diet that many of us have not even begun to consider; this book offers us an easy, yet comprehensive starting point and the motivation to make the necessary changes in our life.”
- Ayad Marhoon, MSc in Organisational Psychology

Zainali Panjwani: Osteopath, Naturopath and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and Founder of 12th Health - a movement that aims to inspire the community towards appreciating good health.

Sheikh Jaffer Ladak: Graduate of the Islamic Seminary of Kerbala, Iraq and MA in Islamic Law. Author, activist and Imam of Baab Ul Ilm Centre, UK.

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