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Divine Challenge- Board Game
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An enjoyable and entertaining way to learn our Islam. This game caters to children and adults alike and aims at...
Rakaat counter turbah Mohr Sajad
Perfect for new reverts, young children and those having trouble remembering their rakaat. Each sajdah is counted and rakaat too. ...
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River of Truth Cup
  The “River of Truth Al-Hussain Ibn Ali” is a cup with LED lights and sound. It is a very...
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Salamoji- Shahr Ramadhan Special
Shahr Ramadhan kids gift pack- Supporting the Zahra trust to do some great work around the world. Limited Stock available,...
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Smart Adhan Clock - Priceless Value
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A breakthrough design and quality The perfect family companion in a household that upholds the prayer, sometimes all you need...
Turbah Of IMAM Husain (AS)
Turbah from Karbala.    We advise customers to purchase this item with other items to make postage worthwhile:) 
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