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Ahlul Bayt Family Tree Puzzle
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This delightful picture puzzle is based on the characters of the 3 stories of the Ahlulbayt (as) designed for children, aged 4...
Arbaeen Workbook -Suitable for ages 5-9
This workbook is designed to teach children about the day of Arbaeen, its history and concept of Ziyarat along with some stories...
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Ashura Puzzle box and/or Way to Karbala Book
$46.00 $13.00
BOOK A storybook about a family who serves the zuwwar of Imam Hussain (as). Join Rabab, Ammar and Nargis as...
Divine Challenge- Board Game
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An enjoyable and entertaining way to learn our Islam. This game caters to children and adults alike and aims at...
Eid Gift Bag
Our Eid Gift Bag is perfect for celebrating in style. Get a show bag full of goodies that is sure...
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Jigsaw Puzzle: Imam Hussain's Journey To Karbala
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Explore the journey of Imam Hussain to Karbala in this vibrantly and picturesque illustrated cardboard puzzle, while promoting and helping...
Kafan (Shroud)- Male and Female Complete
The Kafan (shroud) pack has everything you need to ensure that the burial of a deceased Muslim, as per the...
Keffia - Black or white- Muharram
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Black Keffia - Cotton Material
Let's Visit Najaf! 100 Piece Puzzle
Welcome to Najaf al-Ashraf, the Dignified City, the city of Amīr al-Muʾminīn (ʿa) and his shrine, along with the graves...
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Muharram Banners Large (1.4mx0.88m)
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Decorate your homes this Muharram- With COVID restrictions this year, we need to make every home a Husseiniyah! Embroidered on...
Muharram Banners Small
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Decorate your homes, we need to make every home a Husseiniyah! Embroidered on Velvet Banner size 88cm × 69cm  Please...
Muharram Banners XL (3mx1.4m)
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Decorate your homes this Muharram- With COVID restrictions this year, we need to make every home a Husseiniyah! Large banners...
Muharram Continous Banner - Per 2 Frames
Sold per 2 frames (approximately 1.2m x 0.47m
Muharram Scarves
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Can be used as decoration in Muharram or to wear. On Quality Viscose material.
Muharram Workbook -Suitable for ages 5-9
A Muharram activity book for your early learners! This no prep workbook is based on Muharram stories, lessons and characters....
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Munahhemana- The Chosen one- Board Game
The tribal prejudices of the era of ignorance, the worship of idols, and the enmities of the Quraysh tribe have...
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Rafiq and Friends: The Ramadan Date Palm Book & Activity Set
Rafiq & Friends is a new and exciting edutainment series that helps children develop their identity as young Muslims with...
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Rakaat counter turbah Mohr AMIN
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Perfect for new reverts, young children and those having trouble remembering their rakaat. Each sajdah is counted and rakaat too. ...
Reaching Imam Mahdi Board Game
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Be the first to reach the top! The exciting climbing to the top game. It include 90 squares full of...
River of Truth Cup
  The “River of Truth Al-Hussain Ibn Ali” is a cup with LED lights and sound. It is a very...
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TAMBUA - The Islamic Word Guessing Game
Tambua is a fun and interactive Islamic word guessing game with varying levels of difficulty to accommodate all ages. Help...
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33 bead Tasbeeh, various designs. Perfect to keep in your hand bag, car or even just wear it! 
The 12 Imams- A Memory Matching Game
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IN STOCK NOW! The 12 Imams Memory Matching Game teaches our children the names and titles of their role models,...
The Leaders of Paradise- Workbook- For ages 5-11
This workbook is designed to provide a brief introduction of Imam Hasan(a) and Imam Husayn(a), the leaders of Paradise. With...
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Trangular Flags/Banners- Muharram
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Decorate your homes this Muharram- With COVID restrictions this year, we need to make every home a Husseiniyah! Various designs...
Turbah Of IMAM Husain (AS)
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Turbah from Karbala. Size and shape may vary from that which is shown here.    We advise customers to purchase...
Wudu Salaat Tasbeeh AL-Zahraa Puzzle Book
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Familiarise your children with the acts of wudu, salat and Tesbeeh AlZahraa This puzzle book induces a high level of...