Islamic Governance/Politics

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Islamic Beliefs and Practices- Definitive Responses to 40 Salafi Objections
Islamic Beliefs and Practices answers some of the most common yet unfounded accusations that are levelled by Salafis against the...
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Ethics of War and Peace in Islam: A Shia View
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The main purpose of this study is to demonstrate that the Shia perception of war and peace is deeply rooted...
A Theory of Religious Democracy
"Dr Hadji Haidar’s book is an outstanding approach thoughtfully integrating philosophy, religion, and political theory, taking the reader beyond simplistic...
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Creedal Foundations of Waliyic Islam- Blake Archer Williams
This book originally started as an essay that was meant to serve as an introduction to The Regency of the...
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Velayt-e-Faqih (Regency of the Magisterium)- Ayatollah Javadi Amoli
In this book, the leading authority on the subject, Ayatollah Javadi-e Amoli, explicates the fundamental tenets of Imam Khomeini's thesis of...
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Imam Ali and Political Leadership
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“Imam Ali and political leadership” analyses the political thought and effective policy of Imam Ali (A.S.). It also presents imam’s...