The Divine Names

The Divine Names


This beautiful coffee-table book is a must have for every Muslim household. Connect to The Divine Names of God through Taher Adel’s stunning poetry and lose yourself in Aadil Abedi’s mesmerising artwork.

Book Title The Divine Names
Publisher Sun Behind the Clouds
Type Book
Date Published Sep 06, 2023

This beautiful coffee-table book is a must have for every Muslim household. Connect to The Divine Names of God through Taher Adel’s stunning poetry and lose yourself in Aadil Abedi’s mesmerising artwork.


Here is what our friends had to say about the book:

“A spiritual journey of poetic meaning. Taher Adel has created a thoughtful meditation on the meaning of Allah’s names with beautiful illustrations. It is my new companion in times of quiet contemplation.” – Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, Publisher and President of the American University of Sharjah

“Through the beautiful synergy of Taher Adel’s poetry and Aadil Abedi’s calligraphy, this short book is a mesmerizing tribute to the Divine Names of Allah. Each page is a work of art that illuminates the heart and inspires the soul.” – The Muslim Vibe

“A truly thoughtful creative exploration that serves as a beautiful reminder of the wonders of Allah swt through his glorious names, and an inspiring visual and poetic conversation between two incredible artists, that takes you on a spiritual reflective journey.” – Bayt Alfann
“Poetry that excels in describing the divine” – Hashim Y.A. (Poet)

“Every verse is a soul sooth journey into the infinity of divine love. Powerful beyond measure!” – Mohammad Taher (@Mo_t_ivate), Motivational speaker

“A devotional page turner transporting you to a different world”- Dr Milad Hilli, Health Practitioner

“This scintillating stream of intimate, personal and profound reflections on the Beautiful Names is a delicacy-rich feast for the eyes and ears of the heart.” – Sheikh Luqman Ali, Co-founder Khayaal Theatre

“Taher’s words grant us a unique glimpse into the infinite ocean of God’s Divine attributes, transcending mere words, these beautiful poetic renditions invite us to fathom the unfathomable, and perceive the imperceptible.” – Dr Bilal Hassam, Director of The Muslim Agency and Founder of Muslimplicity

“We are called to be God-conscious. As Muslims, His ninety-nine beautiful names are a means to that end. Adel and Abedi have provided us with reflections on each title, which we often see – on our walls and decorated in mosques – but rarely ponder.” – Shargzadeh, translator and teacher of Persian Poetry, founder of Persian Poetics

“This is a remarkable book that shares the beauty of God’s names in ways pleasing to the heart and to the eyes. This is a beautiful book to take into your solitude to help make a space for your Creator.” -Rabbi Lee Weissman, Jewish Educator and also known as the Jihadi Jew

“A beautiful and imaginative collaboration that inspires deeper reflection and contemplation.” -Mona Haydar (Poet)

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