My Bedside Book Duas, Dhikrs and Etiquettes for Sleeping

My Bedside Book Duas, Dhikrs and Etiquettes for Sleeping


Progeny Islamic Publications

Book Title My Bedside Book Duas, Dhikrs and Etiquettes for Sleeping
Publisher Lantern Publications
Type Books
Date Published Nov 04, 2016

Progeny Islamic Publications

Hardcover 48 pages.


This small booklet is a compilation of valuable information extracted from instructions and teachings of the holy Qur’an and our Ma'sumeen (a.s.) on the etiquette of sleeping, recommended and discouraged acts, how to improve your sleeping pattern and dreams, and related material that will spiritually improve your quality of sleep, thus even making your day better.





Etiquettes of Sleeping 

Time for sleeping 

How to sleep  

What to Recite Before Sleeping 

Dreams in Islam   

True Dreams 

What to do when you have dream

How to Avoid Disturbing Dreams

Supplications When Waking Up  

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