Unravelling the Lie: Step Back, Step Forward

Unravelling the Lie: Step Back, Step Forward


An Original Islamic Love Story

Book Title Unravelling the Lie: Step Back, Step Forward
Publisher Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing
Type Book
Date Published Sep 25, 2021

An Original Islamic Love Story

Get lost in the powerful story of the will to persevere against misguided notions while retaining religious rationality and sensibility in the 21st century.

Reading Preview

I hypnotically dashed toward the ebony box I kept hidden in my cedar chest. Rummaging among the items in my trousseau, I grabbed the box and manipulated the secret compartments, found the key and lock within its disguised drawers and opened my treasure cove. My eyes fell onto the photograph. I gingerly picked it up and held it out at arm’s length. A wave of calmness came over me that was difficult to explain. As I pressed the picture close to my heart, I resolved to pull myself together. I did not let this happen, I said out loud. They did.

So ends Chapter One of Unravelling the Lie: Step Back, Step Forward, in Laila Hasib’s patiently awaited novel. Get lost in the will to persevere against misguided notions while retaining religious rationality and sensibility in the 21st century. Unravelling the Lie: Step Back, Step Forward is a compelling look at love and marriage beyond the bounds of colour, nationality and narrow Muslim doctrine. Sakinah and Adam take readers along on their anguished journey against tired, worn-out traditions and belief systems. The couple must unravel Islamic truths and trust in Allah that their love will conquer and even foster change. Readers, eager for wholesome Islamic love stories, will enjoy this one-of-a-kind book. Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is proud to offer this inspiring love story.


  • Paperback: 98 pages
  • Publisher: Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing (March 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-7750112-3-1
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5” X 5.5”
  • Shipping Weight: 5.4 oz


It is so refreshing to read a love story about Muslim youth. Our parents have forgotten how it feels to be in love. They don’t understand the pressures of living as a young adult in the west. Thank you, Laila Hasib, for Unravelling the Lie: Step Back, Step Forward. (Name Withheld, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I was fascinated by the format of Unravelling the Lie: Step Back, Step Forward. At first, I couldn’t understand what was going on and who was speaking, but as I became immersed I quickly realized the two characters were speaking in the past and in the present. The novel kept me on my toes and I couldn`t put it down. (Name Withheld)

This love novel about discrimination within Muslim families and communities is a much-needed discussion. Muslims attend western schools with all sorts of people. The young adult Muslim does not view colour, nationality and madhabs like their elders. It was refreshing to read Unravelling the Lie: Step Back, Step Forward without getting bogged down in the characters’ identities beyond being Muslims. Laila Hasib has done a fine job of keeping those aspects from the reader and guiding us toward the understanding that we’re all human beings and the true criteria in a spouse is piety. (Name Withheld, Somewhere in the USA)

I could taste the suffering of Sakinah and Adam as they tried to unravel the aged traditions and beliefs of their parents to uncover the truth of Islam. I rooted for them throughout the novel. They grappled with not losing hope in love and a future together, but always clung to their love of Allah and Islam’s true and pristine sensibilities. (Name Withheld, British Columbia)

Inshallah, Laila Hasib`s Unravelling the Lie: Step Back, Step Forward will open the eyes of people and enable them to discard discriminatory practices which make Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, sad. Those of us who miss the point of her novel have lost out. If I needed to, I would request my parents to read her book so I could marry the spouse of my choice. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, married women of different backgrounds, nationalities, class and colour. It may be difficult at times, but all marriages require stamina. But we’re all one big family and I see it as the way of the future. (Name Withheld, Markham, Ontario)

Laila Hasib is the author of several young adult novels. She is making her publishing debut with her own unique publishing company, Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing. She has generously offered young adults and new adults the opportunity to have their voices heard through her company. Through it she hopes to encourage Muslim young and new adults, strengthen their faith, hope and identity and provide worthwhile, enlightening and enjoyable fiction. An American Muslim convert, retired teacher, writer, mother of five and grandmother, Laila Hasib is married and lives in Ontario, Canada.


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