The Shooting Star - An Najmuth Saaqib - Tabarsi vol 1 and 2

The Shooting Star - An Najmuth Saaqib - Tabarsi vol 1 and 2

Publisher: JPC

This is among most well known books regarding

Book Title The Shooting Star - An Najmuth Saaqib - Tabarsi vol 1 and 2
Publisher JPC
Date Published Oct 21, 2022

This is among most well known books regarding

Imam Mahdi (a.s.) as it was written for the general

populace and not only for the scholarly people. That is

why it was written in Persian, which at that time was

the language of the majority of Muslims. The first

chapter deals with a brief account of the birth and

some circumstances of Imam (a.s.) during the lifetime

of his father (a.s.). Chapter Two is regarding the names

and titles of Imam (a.s.). Chapter Three is about some

distinctive qualities of the Imam of the Time (a.s.).

Chapter Four studies the difference among Muslim

sects regarding him. Chapter Five presents evidences

that Hujjat Ibne Hasan Askari (a.s.) is the Promised

Mahdi. Chapter Six provides proofs of Imamate of the

Twelfth Imam through his miracles. Chapter Seven

comprises of incidents of those who met the Imam

during Major Occultation. Chapter Eight reconciles

these incidents with claims of meeting the Imam

during Major Occultation. Incidents of persons lost in

the wild etc. and saved by a holy personality, regard

ing whom it is not confirmed that he was Imam Asr

(a.s.) are mentioned in Chapter Nine. Chapter Ten is a

compendium of duties of the believers towards the

Imam of the Age. Chapter Eleven explains in brief, the

times and occasions specially associated with Imam

Asr (a.s.). Chapter Twelve suggests some rituals for

getting the honor of seeing Imam Zamana (a.s.).

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