Sher Aur Chooha/The lion and the mouse (Step 4)

Sher Aur Chooha/The lion and the mouse (Step 4)

Publisher: Inglish for Kids

The classic "Lion and the Mouse" story translated to Urdu and transliterated to Roman Urdu (English Script) in this bilingual book.

Book Title Sher Aur Chooha/The lion and the mouse (Step 4)
Publisher Inglish for Kids
Type Book
Date Published Jan 09, 2021

The classic "Lion and the Mouse" story translated to Urdu and transliterated to Roman Urdu (English Script) in this bilingual book.

This brightly illustrated story teaches kids the important lesson of being kind to others.


Step 4 - Storybooks: Read stories to your kids, or get kids 6+ to read themselves


  • Familiar phonics from English help improve Urdu vocabulary, pronunciation, flow and fluency
  • Bright illustrations and strong visual cues help kids associate new words with images
  • Simple Urdu words and concepts keeping English speaking kids in mind
  • Full English story provided as a reference

Who are these for?

  • Adults who want to read Urdu to their kids
  • Kids 6+ that are reading English independently
  • Hum jaisay log jinki khud ki Urdu ki parhai kumzor hai
  • This book is NOT for that random Aunty who is going to say “tum log Urdu kharab kar rahay ho”

What do I get?

  • 8” x 8” softcover book printed on high-quality paper
  • 16 inner colourful pages filled with bright illustrations and text
  • Story written in both Roman Urdu (English script) and Urdu script (plus an English version in the back for when you want to cheat)

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