Salaam Baby!

Salaam Baby!


Give your little one the perfect start to life with this high contrast Islamic baby book. The simple images will help stimulate brain growth and aid in visual development.

Book Title Salaam Baby!
Publisher Inspiring Imaginations
Type Books
Date Published Jun 28, 2021

Give your little one the perfect start to life with this high contrast Islamic baby book. The simple images will help stimulate brain growth and aid in visual development.

Enjoy this book together with your baby as they benefit from these simplistic yet meaningful Islamic illustrations in their early years.

Newborns and young babies are only able to see very limited colours- black, white and grey. Therefore exposing them to high contrast images from a young age encourages brain and vision development!

The more the images are simplified, and the higher the contrast the more the child is able to focus and really train their mind and vision!


How to Use the Book

1. Pick any page to show the baby - this book doesn't really have a story line or strict sequence so you could show your baby any page to begin with. It could be that your baby is drawn to a particular page or pattern and that could be something they would enjoy but it's versatile like that.

2. Keep it 8-12 inches away from your baby- your babys' vision doesn't not extend beyond that distance so anything beyond that is blurry to them!

3. Turning the pages every 10-20 seconds- to give them enough time to take it all in whilst not staying too long on the page so they don't lose interest ( also following the child can help to see if they are still interested or feeling too stimulated or have lost interest!)

4. Repeat daily and watch your baby's focus grow- The more the baby is exposed to these images the more likely they are to remember them, and possibly link them to what they see in the natural world around them.

5. Tummy Time- Choose a time when they are fed and awake to show them this book. Preferably during tummy time so they can build on their neck strength and cognitive skills.

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