Lohoof (Sighs of Sorrow)

Lohoof (Sighs of Sorrow)

Publisher: Naba Organization


Book Title Lohoof (Sighs of Sorrow)
Publisher Naba Organization
Type Books
Date Published Sep 30, 2017


Author Sayed Ibn e Tawus

Translated by: Sayed Athar Husain Rizvi

Published by Naba Cultural Organisation, Teheran

The book, written by renowned Shia scholar, is a heart-rending but detailed and authentic account of the tragedy of Karbala and the sacrifice of Imam Husayn (a.s.), The book has been divided into three main parts:

1) The events before martyrdom (from the birth of Imam Husayn (a.s.) until the day of Ashura)
2) The detailed account of the day of Ashura and gallantry of Imam Husayn's (a.s.) companions
3) The incidents after the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (a.s.)

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