Islam- Misconceptions and Challenges

Islam- Misconceptions and Challenges


There has never been a time when misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, and challenges that Muslims themselves face have been so prevalent in the minds of people and so dominant in public discourse. These issues have had the effect of tarnishing the image of Islam and perturbing millions of Muslims across the globe.

Book Title Islam- Misconceptions and Challenges
Publisher The World Federation
Type Books
Date Published Sep 10, 2020

There has never been a time when misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, and challenges that Muslims themselves face have been so prevalent in the minds of people and so dominant in public discourse. These issues have had the effect of tarnishing the image of Islam and perturbing millions of Muslims across the globe.

 The book discusses ten of the most common misconceptions and ten of the most pressing challenges. Each misconception and challenge is first set in a broader context of their origin and provenance. It is followed by the Qur’anic verses of injunctions along with a critical evaluation of their deferring interpretations. Next, the forces behind these developments during the historical and contemporary periods, be they external or internal, political or ideological are analyzed, as is relevant to each issue. Finally, the impact of these developments on the overall Muslim societies and the experience of individual Muslims is discussed.

 The concluding chapter outlines some of the strategies and tactics that need to be implemented to counter the misconceptions and to address the challenges. The book is thus intended to dispel the misconceptions with the goal of persuading their peddlers to re-examine their rhetoric with an open, unbiased mind, and address challenges with the purpose of encouraging Muslims to push for action at different levels, from local to international, that would effectively contribute to their resolution. 



The book is already in circulation and has been reviewed and acclaimed by various respected and renowned scholars, professors.

 Review by: Professor Liyakat Takim, McMaster University, Canada

At a time when Islamophobia is rampant, Dr. Bashir Datoo has compiled yet another work of immense value. He examines the genesis and genres of misconceptions regarding Islam and focuses on the challenges facing contemporary Muslims in the second part of the work.

Review by: Dr Mahmood Datoo, Associate Professor in Civil Engineering, London, UK

Are you looking for logical, authentic and well-referenced answers to some burning questions faced by many Muslims today? Questions and false ideas propagated by the powerful media of today:  – broadcast, print and social media, deliberately aimed to discredit the Islamic faith and principles. Then this book will give you the answers.


Review by: Dr. Mohamedraza Dungersi, Resident Aaalim and Senior Madrasah Teacher, New York Jamaat

Islam Misconceptions and Challenges by Dr. Datoo is innovative in more than one way. As the title of the book states, the crux of the matter is founded on two overriding themes:  the misconceptions vis-à-vis Islam, and the resulting challenges from these apparent misconceptions. The uniqueness of this presentation is manifested in two significant areas: its substance and its structure. 


Review by: Mohamedraza F. R. Moledina, Business Entrepreneur

Islam originated over 1400 years ago in Arabia and is now the second-largest religion in the world. The word “Islam” literally means surrender. Muslims accept this surrender to the will of Allah (God). The message of Islam is peace and guidance for the entire humanity. Yet Islam is the most misunderstood and the most maligned religion in the world. 


Review by: Dr. Abdul Sheriff, Professor of History, previously at University of Dar es Salaam

The book by Dr. Datoo has come at a very opportune moment when Muslims have migrated to the West in the largest numbers in history, and they have to face a lot of misconceptions about their religion and cultures. 


Review by: Br Ally Najafi, Principle of Husseini Islamic Madrasah, Orlando

We often find ourselves incompetent to challenge the media’s notions on Islam. The youth today struggle with this challenge in a more intense manner and many times they find it easier to succumb to these ideas instead of intellectually and religiously refuting them. This book by Dr. Bashir Datoo can serve as a solid resource through which we may learn to rebuttal these notions and successfully tackle this challenge in the western world. 


Review by: Br Sadik Alloo, Inter-and Intra-Faith Engagement, California

A great resource for those who want to equip themselves and their children with insightful and verified information to address challenges faced by the Muslim community today, be it to dispel misconceptions about Islam and Muslims or to suggest strategies and tactics that should be considered to tackle at different levels of challenges that Muslim face.


Review by: Dr. Sajad Janmohamed, Physician

With the rise of Islamophobia in the West with its sequelae of biases, discrimination and the marginalization and exclusions of Muslims from the society, Dr. Bashir Datoo’s book ‘Islam - Misconceptions and Challenges’ is both timely and prescriptive.  Written clearly and concisely, Dr. Datoo analyses ten major misconceptions of Islam, ranging from 'The Qur’an' to 'Human and Women’s Rights' and lays open the Western misconceptions about them. 


Review by: Shaykh Mujtaba Khaliq, Resident Aalim, Masjid al-Hayy, Orlando

The book is a great effort and displays immense courage in tackling many misconceptions that often speakers and authors shy away from tackling them directly. Outstanding titles that are well-chosen and worded wisely to introduce the response to the misconceptions. 

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