Javad & Zahraa

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God Centered Spirituality | A Commentary on Du'a Abu Hamza Thumali
In this beautiful Du’a, Imam Sajjad (a) invites you to look at God, yourself, and the relationship between you very...
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Learning Spirituality from Imam Husayn | A Commentary on Du'a 'Arafah
"There are a very few that can match the depth of Du'a 'Arafah of Imam Husayn. Whatever secrets there are...
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Revival of the Heart: A Collection of 40 Hadiths
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Many Muslim scholars have compiled collections of 40 hadiths throughout Islamic history. This book is an attempt to continue this...
The Stolen Dream - A Biography of Sayed Musa al-Sadr
Very few individuals have changed the course of their country’s history. Fewer still have done so with love and wisdom,...
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