An Altar of Roses

An Altar of Roses



Book Title An Altar of Roses
Publisher Lantern Publications
Type Books
Date Published Dec 03, 2020



About the Book

An Altar of Roses is a collection of the memoirs of a young lady’s marriage and life with a Commander and Martyr of the Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Commander Ali Chītsāzīān. This heart touching memoir is a reflection of the true faith and true love in the path of the Almighty and a rare glimpse into the mindset and moral sanctum of a Revolutionary Guards’ family that is in stark contrast with the image that is commonly portrayed in the West.

My wedding ring had Ali Agha’s aura about it. I kissed it. All of a sudden, I saw him appear before me. He was standing in front of me and was smiling. The sight of him made me forget my pain. I couldn’t believe it! Ali Agha was there, right in front of me! I said to him, “Ali Agha, my love. Help me. Help me to be strong and not to yell out in pain. I don’t want anyone to hear my voice. Please help me!”

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Blake Archer Williams is an American writer and translator who was born to an atheist/ Christian family but entered into Islam after undergoing a profoundly transformative religious experience.

Mr Williams’ work is mainly focused on the creedal beliefs of Shī‘a Islam, and especially on the rational and scriptural bases of the belief in the integrality of religion and state.

An Altar of Roses is a prominent example of a literary work in this fascinating yet almost completely unknown genre that is known in Iran as the Sacred Defense (defā-e moqaddas).


"An Altar of Roses brings to life a spiritual and emotional perspective of a woman who finds a manifestation of Divine Beauty in her marriage and life with one who gave his life for the Divine. A touching tale of those who are not dead, but who are with their Lord."

Abrahim Al-zubeidi, Author of "Tears from Heaven's Flowers"

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