Collections of the most authentic books of the history of Islam (and before Islam) with biographies of the prophets and Aimmah (as)
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Prophet Muhammad (saww) A concise biography
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Author Mahmood Datoo An easy to read book written in narrative speech and bullet point form providing an interesting and...
Devoted to The Truth: Allama Amini, The Author of al-Ghadir
Foreword by Sheikh Ahmad Amini Written by Dr. Muhammad-Raza Fakhr-Rohani Allama Amini is most famous for his research project al-Ghadir...
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Resplendence of Wilayah- Analytical Biography of Imam Ali- Ayat Jafar Subhani
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Description “Those who generate the waves which move human societies are the formidable characters that make history,” writes Ayatollah Ja‘far...
Life of Imam Khomaini
Publisher : International Affairs Department,The Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini's Works Place of Publication : Tehran Editors...
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Fayd E Kashani
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Author:  Group of Authors(Andrew J Newman, LA Takim, SG Safavi, SA Naqibi, AM Mirjalili & MA Ayazi) Translator: SA Naqibi...
Biographies of the Learned
This compendium of the biographies of the great and divine religious scholars. Their untiring labors meant that the true message...
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Relentless Endevours- Reflections on Mulla Asghar MM Jaffer
In this book, reflecting on the life and times of Mulla Asgharali M.M. Jaffer and his contribution to the developement...
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